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When I had reflux, I would go through my day and any time I ate, food would constantly come up. The doctor tried putting me on different acid reflux medications, and none of them really ... read more


I lived with GERD diagnosed, for at least seven years. As the years progressed, it got worse and it became a steamroller, it just kept building and building. GERD took my life away basically; it ... read more


It came to a point with the GERD that my whole life, all I was worrying about is what I had to do to make it through the day. I was a different person after ... read more


“Your life becomes about your GERD. Everything is centered around it. You don’t do the things you would normally do. You don’t go out and eat. You don’t drink the things you normally do because ... read more


I first learned that I had acid reflux in 2008. I had been treating myself with over-the-counter medicines, but they were not too effective. I had a constant sensation in the back of my throat. ... read more


GERD affected my life and pretty much every single aspect of it. I had sleeping problems because I wasn’t able to sleep through the night. I would wake up because I would be in so ... read more


I lived with GERD for about nine years. It was horrible, you couldn’t enjoy the foods that you really liked to eat, and as soon as you ate it, you knew that 25-30 minutes later ... read more


"Dr. Buckley is amazing. He was very informative and has an awesome bedside manner."


"After suffering from GERD for years, I thought I was out of options. I had to get help after finding out GERD can cause cancer if not treated. For the first time since I was 19, I'm completely off medication and feeling much better. The LINX procedure has changed my life.

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Thanksgiving Tips from Dr. Buckley

Following are some tips from Dr. Buckley to help reduce GERD symptoms: Schedule an earlier meal. It's best not to eat late at night if you suffer from GERD.   Another good idea is to serve lighter appetizers. Fatty foods like chips, dips, and cheeses are slow to empty from the stomach and more likely ...Read More »

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