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What is Silent Reflux?

Upload: September 8, 2015

Silent Reflux ? Is that real? Yes, it actually is. Reflux can be present without the classic symptoms of heartburn or regurgitation. Often times Silent Reflux, or as it is formally known Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (LPR), can manifest as a chronic cough, the need to clear the throat frequently or a feeling of something being stuck in the throat. LPR could also exacerbate existing asthma or sleep-breathing disorders.

LPR is often times mistaken for an allergy, sinus issue or some form of pulmonary disease.  So what is it? LPR or Silent Reflux is a medical condition that results from the backflow of stomach content, such as the stomach acid and other digestive enzymes being pushed into the airway, nose, sinuses, voice box, throat even the lungs.  Small amounts of acid can even activate digestive enzymes that cause the actual damage.

Quality of life could be diminished due to loss of sleep, voice changes or inability to participate in physical activity.  The first step to treatment is dietary and life changes. However, if signs and symptoms persist it is always best advices to consult your doctor. There are multiple studies that can be ordered to determine if Silent Reflux is the issue.

As always we urge everyone to Get Educated, Get Evaluated, and Get Treated.

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