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How it works

LINX® is designed to stop reflux at its source.

GERD is a caused by a mechanical defect and requires a mechanical solution. LINX® is a small, flexible band of magnets enclosed in titanium beads. The beads are connected by titanium wires. LINX® is implanted around the weak esophageal sphincter, just above the stomach. The magnetic attraction between the beads keeps the weak esophageal sphincter closed to help prevent reflux (figure 1). Swallowing forces separate the beads temporarily to allow food and liquid to pass into the stomach (figure 2).

LINX® is implanted laparoscopically in a minimally invasive procedure that typically takes less than one hour. Patients generally go home within one day.

GERD Treatment Round Rock TXFigure 1
GERD Treatment Round Rock TXFigure 2


Current Treatments: Patients need an alternative

Medications for GERD are designed to control or suppress acid production in the stomach. They do not address the cause of GERD, a weak sphincter muscle, and can’t prevent reflux. Approximately 40 percent of GERD sufferers continue to have symptoms while taking medications for GERD.

Current surgical treatments for GERD are performed annually on an estimated less than one-half of 1 percent of GERD sufferers in the U.S.

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Following are some tips from Dr. Buckley to help reduce GERD symptoms: Schedule an earlier meal. It's best not to eat late at night if you suffer from GERD.   Another good idea is to serve lighter appetizers. Fatty foods like chips, dips, and cheeses are slow to empty from the stomach and more likely ...Read More »

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