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Tripp Buckley, MD | GERD Surgery Experts | Round Rock TX

It is well known that for certain surgical procedures increased volume correlates with improved outcomes. Anti-reflux surgery is no exception. Our classic operation is technically demanding with a learning curve of at least 50 cases and yearly volumes of >34 cases to achieve optimal outcomes. Unfortunately, most anti-reflux surgery occurs at low volume centers . We are luck to be one of the highest volume centers in the country, completing 152 anti-reflux cases last year alone. If you have had an anti-reflux procedure that has failed or you are experiencing heartburn symptoms again, we can help. We are privileged to be the choice for many patients who have undergone a prior procedure (Nissen fundoplication/ TIF, Stretta, or other endoscopic procedure/ Lap-Band) for reflux and need a redo operation. We can tailor a redo procedure to your specific needs. Sometimes this can be done endoscopically without traditional surgical intervention. Please call our office for more information.

Nationally Recognized

Dr. Buckley has dedicated much of his professional life to treating the suffering reflux patient. He specializes in diagnosis and treatment of heartburn, GERD, Barrett’s esophagus, hiatal hernias, paraesophageal hernias, achalasia, LPR (laryngo-pharengeal reflux) and redo anti-reflux surgery. Dr. Buckley’s first published medical paper was in 1994 on Barrett’s esophagus.

Since that time Dr. Buckley:

  • has become one of the busiest anti-reflux surgeons in the nation
  • has given dozens of interviews for TV and print media
  • is a sought after lecturer throughout the country on GERD and its treatment
  • employs the latest technology in the treatment of GERD including the LINX procedure and Stretta procedure
  • is privileged to have patients travel from all over the state of Texas as well as the surrounding states, and even from Alaska for his expertise (click here for patient testimonials)

Our Practice Philosophy

My goal as a physician and surgeon is to restore function and improve the quality of life of my patients. Much of my professional life has been dedicated to patients with GERD and its complications. I look at the doctor patient relationship a sacred one that does not end with the completion of an operation. Therefore, my expectation is that I will continue to follow and care for patients for the rest of their lives. I am also committed to not allowing insurance companies or hospital systems intrude on the doctor-patient relationship and will always advocate on behalf of my patients.

Surgical Education

Since 2008, hundreds of surgeons from around the country have travelled to Austin and Dr. Buckley to learn some of the latest advances in surgery. Furthermore, Dr. Buckley is active in the training of surgical residents and medical students. Training others in the pursuit of surgical excellence is both an honor and privilege that Dr. Buckley takes seriously. Many of these collaborations have developed into ongoing research projects, furthering the advancement of medicine and surgery.

All instruction is based upon solid, peer-reviewed, evidenced-based research and clinical outcomes analysis. In order to ensure a personalized program, attendees are typically limited to no more that five surgeons per symposium session.

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