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About Dr. F. Paul (Tripp) Buckley

Dr BuckleyAs a History and Government major in college, a career in medicine was not a natural transition for me. However, after observing a surgical case I knew that I had to pursue a career in medicine and surgery. After completing my prerequisite courses at Harvard I was lucky to be hired on as a research assistant for Dr. Gene Overholt, one of the foremost experts in esophageal disease. My research focused on Barrett’s esophagus, a disease I would ironically later acquire. From there I attended Tulane University Medical School and then on to the DeBakey Department of Surgery at Baylor College of Medicine. I had joined the United States Air Force prior to entering medical school and served four years on active duty at Nellis Air Force Base with tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

When not deployed I began to focus on anti-reflux surgery and complex hiatal hernia repairs. My physician wife and I returned to Texas and The Scott & White Clinic in Round Rock (now Baylor Scott & White Healthcare) where, teaming up with former colleagues from residency, we established a unique center to take care of patients suffering from reflux disease. This concept was to bring together all of the specialties (GI, ENT, Pulmonary, and Surgery) who care for the reflux patient and with pooled resources and knowledge bring about improved comprehensive care for these patients. This is the Heartburn & Acid Reflux Center of Baylor Scott & White Healthcare. We are now the busiest reflux center in the Southwest serving patients from as far away as Kentucky and Alaska. I have been dedicated to advancing surgery not only in the area of reflux but minimally invasive surgery in general and have been fortunate enough to train surgeons from around the country in my surgical technique.

In 2012 I was diagnosed with severe reflux and Barrett’s esophagus and have actually undergone one of the operations that I currently perform and teach. So I am in a unique position to truly empathize with my patients. This tradition of innovation combined with personalized patient care continues as we continue to break new surgical ground and publish our results. Currently, I am the principle investigator on multiple projects and co-investigator on many others. I have committed my professional life to raising the bar, debunking myth, and shedding light on reflux disease and its potentially life-threatening consequences. If I can be of assistance to you on your quest for information or treatment it would be my privilege to do so.

Affiliations / Disclosures

Disclosures: I currently serve as an advisor, proctor, or lecturer for Torax Medical and for Covidien. I have received financial compensation for these efforts and through the Sunshine Act anyone can view the levels of compensation I have received here- I will note that this is usually not acurate and I do not know how often this government site is updated. PLEASE KNOW that no matter where my compensation comes from (Baylor Scott & White, Medicare, private insurance, or other professional interests) I will always act in the best interest of my patients.

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